Not yet sure if this page is necessary or we should just include polls in the individual categories???

This page will contain polls for all the elections broken down by category, possibly using a page builder or a on page theme template.

However on every category page, there will be a poll on the page for that particular election category. Just that all the polls will then be replicated on this page with links on each poll to the category it represents.

On the category pages, there will be links back to this polls page. e.g. CLICK HERE to take other polls or to see all polls.





SENATORIAL (broken down into categories by states and senatorial districts)


FEDERAL HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY (broken down into categories by states and constituencies)


STATES (broken down into categories by states names)

– Governorship candidates

– State hose of reps candidates


We could decide to just put links on every category to take visitors to the polls in the category page instead of having all the polls on one page. So the above breakdown will be present but instead of the poll itself, there is a link to the category page were the poll is.